Personal Legal Protection

Unexpected legal questions arise every day and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll have access to a quality law firm 24/7, for covered personal situations. From real estate to speeding tickets to Will preparation, and beyond, we’re here to help you with any personal legal matter—no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem. Our dedicated law firms sole focus is on serving you, rather than billing you.

We are currently protecting and empowering more than 4.1 million lives across the U.S. and Canada. With over 650 employees dedicated to serving you, our promise remains the same: to provide outstanding legal services by quality law firms at an affordable price.
Please be sure to review the video on the right for a complete overview of our Legal & Identity Theft services.

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Identity Theft Protection

Our IDShield advisors are focused on protecting you. We’re available to provide you with a complete picture of identity theft, walk you through all the steps you can take to protect yourself and answer any questions.  We monitor your identity from every angle, not just your Social Security number, credit cards and bank accounts. We watch over everything connected to you, including your passport, email, phone numbers, driver’s license number, medical IDs, social media accounts, and more. If any change in your status occurs, you will receive an email update immediately.  IDShield is committed to providing complete identity restoration for its members. If a compromise occurs, you will work with an IDShield licensed private investigator who will immediately begin restoring your identity to exactly the way it was.

Please be sure to review the video on the right for a complete overview of our Legal & Identity Theft services.

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IDShield’s comprehensive identity protection service diligently monitors for signs of criminal activity and gives you all you need to keep your identity secure from thieves and fraud.

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Full Service Restoration

If your information is compromised, IDShield Licensed Private Investigators will do whatever is necessary to get your identity restored to its pre-theft status.

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Public driver’s license databases
Check clearinghouses
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Reserve Bank
Social Security Administration
Department of Motor Vehicles
State Attorney General Office
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Comptroller of the Currency
Office of Thrift Supervision
Office of Inspector General

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Business Legal Protection

LegalShield provides powerful, proven and affordable solutions to companies just like yours. Now you can access timely legal advice without high hourly fees or guesswork. With LegalShield, you don’t have to face collecting debts, signing contracts and reviewing documents on your own. As a member, you will also have access to unlimited consultation on any legal issue facing your business.

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Our dedicated Business Solutions Division – covers over 140,000 businesses in USA and Canada.

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